Here – let’s be frank – I’ve provided a mixed bag of friends’ websites, or people who’s work I like, along with some other random additions. It’s the place for Special Things, limited to graphics because even in the vast world of cyberspace, pages have their limits…

Pierre Alban Vsculpture_pierre_alban_vêqueêque

Metal sculptor and illustration/comics teacher





Virginie BenseJulie_par_Sisera_Photography / Sisera

graphic designer, model, most of all photographer, with whom I work some leisurely evenings – just to have a pretext

( These evenings have produced our gallery Converging Perspectives which we have great design to develop)



Phong VuPhong Vu

Metal sculptor and illustration/comics teacher





illustration_bd_antoine_gedeonAntoine Gédéon

Talented illustrator and cartoonist





Guillaumillustration_poule_guillaume_chaboude Chaboud

Graphic designer, video maker, drawer… Who can be found round here : Davai!